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Friday, March 10, 2006

Elderly Drivers

This is an outline of a speech I wrote about my opinion on elderly drivers. I know its only an outline, but atleast it gives you a good idea of what I would be talking about if you saw me actually giving the speech.

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that after the age of 70, everyone should take another driving test to make sure that they are capable of driving safely.
Central Idea: Many car accidents occur from people over the age of 70, and some sort of precaution should be taken.

I. My passion with older people driving began with my Grandfather.
My granddad is 75 years old, and no one knew he had any sort of problem.
Like many older people things begin to go unnoticed, and that’s where the problem begins without knowing.
II. Today I want to show some statistics I found on a specific age group in the driving world. I want to discuss the dangers of elderly driving, and try to convince people that something needs to change with our driving system.

I. After the age of 75, the risk of driver fatality increases sharply.
Most people are not aware that 49% of accidents are due to senior citizens.
5% of all people injured in traffic crashes
13% of all traffic fatalities
13% of all vehicle occupant fatalities
18% of all pedestrian fatalities

II. Why does this often go overlooked?
Many people forget that as you get older your senses begin to fail. Your eyesight begins to fade, as well as your hearing, and reflexes.
This begins to become a hazard on the road, not only to the driver, but to everyone else in a vehicle.
III. What can be done to help fix this problem so that in the end everyone can be safer?
Mandatory driving tests
Physician Reporting

I. In conclusion, after hearing all of the statistics that I got from the Smart Motorist Website, I hope that all of you are aware of the danger that our grandparents are in, as well as us.
Eventually I hope for some sort of testing to be done when you reach 70. This could prevent many accidents and injuries. In the case of my grandfather who is now 80, maybe it could have helped to make his disease apparent earlier in his life.
No matter what driving is a privilege that is earned, that is why teenagers have to wait until they are capable to drive. The term “the circle of life” is very relevant and our elderly today should be tested to make sure that it is safe for them to be on the road as well.


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