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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Some quotes and notes from "High Anxiety"

High Anxiety- Quotes and Strong Details

1. The opening really catches your eye and pushes you to keep reading. "My hair is slimy with 10 days worth of grease, my armpits reek, my calves are throbbing and bruised, my right toe is numb, and I've already thrown up 13 times today, hyperventilated, and cried twice today."

2. Bottom of page 68- end of second paragraph, shows great imagery. "Locals passed us on their way down the mountain, collecting trash in bags atop their heads, while trees towered into the sky, their long, shaggy, green leaves dancing in the wind like something out of a Dr. Seuss book."

3. I love her reference to pop-culture. For example on page 68 she talks about a Pink Floyd concert in comparison to the stars.

4. I think its important to recognize and note Musa's opinion of her. "Shah-ny, good lady, strong lady, always smiling, good companion." Since the trip is helping her to cure her insecurities and low self-esteem, his opinion holds a let of credit.

5. Finally, her realization of the importance of her life. Page 70. "But I knew I could not go any higher. For the first time, I truly understood how important my life was to me."

-The author is very descriptive about her surroundings. This makes her narrative easier to read.
-The amount of time past actually on the hike was six days, which she tells us. I just wish she had given us an idea of how long she trained before going to Mount Kilimanjaro.
-The story is told in chronological order-showing us the complete transition she made on her journey.


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