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Monday, March 13, 2006

Summer Days


Family story triptych

Choose a family story that offers some complexity -- that is, one that could be told differently by different members of the family (participants and/or non-participants). The story may involve members of your immediate family or members of a past generation. It should be a story that is neither tragic nor comic, but interesting in an original way -- perhaps provocative and/or intriguing. (You don't have to be faithful to the facts -- as a writer, you may make changes for the sake of the story itself.) Tell the story in about 500 words from one person's point of view. This part will be due Tuesday, 3-14. (Bring one copy to turn in.)

Then tell the story two more times -- each one in about 500 words and each from a different person's point of view. These will be due the following week, 3-21. For that class, please bring 23 copies of all three versions.

Shannon Davis
Creative Writing 5
March 14, 2006
Word Count 640ish

Summer Days

“We just got our first boat”, my dad said when I got home from school. It was a dream come true to me, any twelve year old would have agreed. Summer time is the best in the small town of Tappahannock. Long lazy days spent on the water playing, eating, fishing, and hanging out with family. What more could you ask for?
“Can we take it out tomorrow?” I asked my mom and dad while they stood in the kitchen fixing dinner.
“Sure thing bud, it’s your day, we’ll do whatever you want.”
That night while I lay in bed I couldn’t get over being able to go spend the whole day on the water. I knew my dad was excited about it too. It was something else we could do together as a family, and that was important to him and mom. It’s been a pretty big week, I thought, first the edition on the house is finished, next we get the entire inside of the house redecorated tomorrow, and now a boat. It’s like a complete makeover for my entire little world.
The next morning I woke up to the sweet aroma of breakfast, by none other than the best cook in the world, my mom. I could hear the scrapple crackling on the griddle, and I saw the steaming puffs in the bread basket. After a full belly I helped my dad unload the boat into the creek. Before you knew it we were all three on the water.
The thing about living on our creek is that we have to wait until high tide to go out to the river, and then wait till high tide again that evening to go back home. Well I guess all three of us lost track of time, and there was a huge storm coming from downstream. The clouds were turning black, the water went calm, and the temperature began to drop.
“Do you think we’re going to get stuck out here?”
I was beginning to panic a littler.
“No”, mama touched my head with a little smile while trying to calm me down.
Well I guess dad was rushing too much to try and beat the storm, but before I knew it the motor was stuck in the mud, and so were we.
“What are we gonna do mama screamed!”
Mom was obviously upset, and worried, we had to do something. So mom and I jumped into the mud to make our way over to a house about a mile from ours. We trudged through the mud and water which finally led us to the road. We continued to walk a mile barefoot to get tour house before the storm hit. Since we were walking to try and beat the storm that meant dad was left to fend the storm by himself. I was really worried about him, and I know mom was too, because my short legs couldn’t keep up with her. By the time we reached the hill that led to our driveway, I heard a buzzing sound. I looked and dad was zooming around the bend of the creek, just waving and smiling at us. A sign of relief came across my mother’s face as she realized that dad was ok. We met him at the dock with open arms, and ran up to the house before the storm hit us.
The day was over and I couldn’t complain about a thing. I got to do everything I wanted, with a little adventure added to it. Mom, dad, and I sat down at the table to play a game of rummy and wait out the storm. I’ll never forget those days on the water with my family, or the distinct smell of a storm on the water.


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